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Our Yard / Loading area: we make sure that the deliveries are loading on time, assuring you quick service. Our storage Tanks: we have a storage capacity that can meet your requirement up to 100,000 G/L for Diesel, from Bulk to retail order, we are ready for a prompt delivery always on time. We are a diesel distributor wholesale & retail for 10 years, covering most of the market like companies Industries, Factories, Contracting companies, Transport companies, and many more for all their diesel product needs. We sell, Purchase, Distribute, and trade from bulk to retail quantity in all emirates. Our large fleet of road tankers is always ready to deliver your requirement always right on time. Loading Drums & Containers Bunkering for storage Transporting Services Supplying Services There is 24 hours sale service, we provide the best quality and service to the clients, Different capacity of trucks 1000 gallon, 1500 Gallon, 2000 Gallon, all of these are imperial Gallon.

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Our Experience in UAE as, Diesel Tankers Renting, Diesel Tankers Calibration Diesel Transportation & High-Quality Diesel Supplies

Diesel Trading
Premium quality, low sulfur automotive Diesel fuel for high-speed diesel-powered engines, generator sets, and other industrial applications, which ensures a high grade.
Transportation Services
Equipped with a fleet of road tankers, we undertake the bulk overland transportation of fuel for various Oil companies in U.A.E. on a contract basis.
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